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The Process

Posted on 8th September


Teeth Whitening is no longer an expensive procedure reserved only for the famous and wealthy…

What will my teeth whitening treatment involve?

Your treatment is carried out in a private and confidential treatment room and includes a comprehensive consultation, explaining to you the details of the procedure and the benefits of the system and the expectations of the likely results.

The whole procedure will take around1 hour to perform.

A soothing and protective Vitamin E gel swab is applied to the gums and inner lips. Then the PEROXIDE FREE whitening gel is then carefully applied to the teeth and our bespoke LED laser is carefully positioned in front of the teeth to activate the PEROXIDE FREE whitening gel.

The PEROXIDE FREE whitening gel is at its most active for the first 15 minutes of the process, therefore leaving the gel on the teeth for a longer time than this will not enhance the whitening process. A total of 3 separate applications of fresh PEROXIDE FREE whitening gel are applied, for a total of 45 minutes whitening time.

Immediately following your treatment and for the first 24 – 48 hours, any drinks or food containing any food colour should be avoided. We recommend you only consume white foods for this period as the teeth will be susceptible to discolouration having used the whitening gel, which results in the subsequent opening of the pores of the teeth. These pores will take approximately 48 hours to restructure and fully close, after which you can resume your normal diet.

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The Whitening Process
This is carried out by a trained technician who is qualified in teeth whitening and legally insured, with your satisfaction guaranteed.